Orlando Discount Tickets – Timeshare Tours

Have you been solicited to buy tickets at a fraction of the price in exchange for a sales presentation and tour?

Well known companies around the world have stationed themselves in the tourism block of Orlando with a single goal in mind, to sell TIMESHARES. They will bait everyone with signage and pricing offers for local attractions and theme parks in Orlando at a much cheaper rate than the front gates, websites, and authorized ticket sellers. The promise behind all of these savings is a free breakfast, a 90-minutes tour, and the only alternative to waiting in lines at the theme parks to purchase regular priced tickets.

The pricing is no joke, they are the most inexpensive method for purchasing tickets, but at what actual cost? They promise in writing the presentation will only take 90-minutes, include a free breakfast, and you will be at the parks in no time with the best deal in town! The reality: A real free breakfast buffet, a real 90-minute tour of the property, and then the catches begin to swarm in. The high pressure sales team will begin the run-down on how you should be doing your vacations for the rest of your life, and they will continue their pitch for consumer reports an average of 3 additional hours. They use multiple sales agents, “sales managers”, and even use threatening tactics to cancel the ticket order without purchasing a 1-week trail experience package. Finally, if you have no walked out of the resort, you will be allowed into the gifting room to receive what you perceived were tickets but are actually vouchers to be exchanged by waiting in the will-call lines at the appropriate attraction and theme parks. While some of the companies are under federal investigation, these kinds of practices are 100% LEGAL. Sansyeri.com , Canlı Casino Siteleri

Since our company no longer offers this option, we proudly offer the best option to buy actual tickets at discounted prices for your convenience. Our goal is to save you time, money, and all hassles for your vacation to be a wonderful experience from start to finish. Beylikdüzü escort

Testimonial: “I tell everyone unaware of the facts to try the timeshare tour on one set of tickets so they know to NEVER do it again and we’ll have a customer for life.” – Andrew K., Orlando Ticket Store Employee

Testimonial: “We hated the hassle, we hated the lack of control, and we hated the high-pressure timeshare sales presentation. This was no deal. And while I wouldn’t call it a scam, I don’t think “over-priced hype” is too far off the mark.” -Jennifer M. Betson , Bets10

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